This is an interview from one of our Sponsors & Vice Presidents Luncheons, said by many to be the best interview we have had and one of the best days at our football club in it’s history. It features Jonathan (Jack) Tredrea MM, a man who served both his country and football club with distinction. We hope you enjoy this video and appreciate the part that Jack has played in the history of the Broadview Football Club.

Jack Tredrea

The Footballer & Committeeman
1947 – Joined Broadview Football Club
1947 to 1958 – Played over 100 games
1948 & 1954 – A Grade Premiership Player
1954 to 1955 – Secretary
1956 to 1965 – Treasurer
1966 – President
Jack was the motivator for the building of
our Clubrooms, hence the naming of
Forever the Patron of the Tired Tigers