From the 15 players career statistics listed for the past 40 years, name the top ten goal kickers in order from highest to lowest as well as the amount of goals they have kicked in their career.

Prizes for the nearest correct entries are as follows

1st prize 25 bar voucher
2nd prize 15 bar voucher
3rd prize 10 bar voucher

Prize Vouchers to be used when club re-opens

Competition entries close Midnight Friday 5th June.
All entries to be emailed to

Winners will be announced Saturday 13th June and placed on the clubs Facebook and website. The winners will be also notified by email

The list of the top ten goal kickers will also be placed on the clubs Facebook and Website.

All goal kicking statistics have been taken from all matches placed by the Broadview Football Club in the SAAFL and Adelaide Football League from 1980 – 2019.
The grads covered by this competition include the following A Grade- E Grade U16, U17, U18 when played in the SAAFL.